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When it is so obvious, I dunno what else to tell her


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Well as far as I think, a vacation with bunch of good friends like you will help her. May be hiking or something. If you are mentally disturbed over something, go and climb a mountain. the more she do, she will feel freshen up and will eventually accept the reality of her break up. I think it will work. She will realize that there are some good people who care for her. 🙂


I think I was not being clear when I said ˝she did that thing with him˝ once. So yeah, they were never together, so there was never a break up. They were never even dating. They did that thingy though, like adults do. She expected more than they guy could give her. Long story short, the guy doesn´t have the same feelings for her. There had been people caring for her, but one by one they have left her due to her being so difficult. I think the explaination from @misscrystal explains it in a best way the problem with her.


ikr, Writer is a catch. But some guys like to be alone. I am happy that he is happy with his life. 🙂

Good night, ladies 🙂

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