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Category Update: Mobile Advertising


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Mobile Advertising - New Service Types & Descriptions

App Store Optimization (ASO) - Focused on helping Buyers to increase the visibility of their apps within the app store in order to increase downloads.

  • App Classification & Upload - A service that helps the Buyer by classifying and uploading their app to the app store.
  • App Description (words) - A written description of what an App does and why users should download it. This will be uploaded to the App Store in order to help drive adoption. Range of: 1 - 4,000
  • Competitors Researched - The number of competitors that you will research for the Buyer. Range of: 1-10
  • Keywords Researched - The number of keywords relating to the Buyer’s niche that you will research so that the Buyer can optimize their content for maximum exposure. Range of: 1-10
  • Number of Platforms - The number of platforms that you will assist the buyer with as part of you service (Ex. iOS, Android, Windows). Range of: 1-3


Mobile Ad Campaigns - Focused on helping to 1) setup ads within a Buyer’s app 2) create ads that can be shown across the mobile landscape.

  • Account Setup (Y/N) - Setup the Buyer’s account so they can start advertising
  • Audience Targeting Suggestions (#) - Provide recommendations about which audiences the Buyer should market to. Range of: 1-20
  • Mobile Banners Created - The number of mobile ad banners that you will design for the Buyer’s advertising campaign. Range of: 1-10
  • QR Code Design - Design a QR code that, when read will initiate the Buyer’s desired action
  • Size Variations - The number of different ad sizes that you will provide to the Buyer as part of the package. Range of: 1-10

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