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How to make your buyer come back for more projects


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Thank you all for taking your time to read my post. Today i will be writing about how to make your buyers come back for more. Follow my steps below.

This is one of the most effective ways to make your buyer happy. When communicating with them, show some respect, love, and be professional. Whenever you received order from a new buyer, always inbox them or send your greeting to them via the order page. Greeting such as, Thank you for ordering my service, I will make sure i put my best into your project and deliver high quality service as soon as possible.

When delivering your order, it is the best to add one or to things to the original order to make the buyer happy. Thing such as below.

  • As a graphic designer, when you are delivering your order such as book covers, you can add 3D of the cover and deliver it to your buyer and explain it to them that, that is the bonus of working with you and you are willing to continue working with them in the nearest future for another projects

That is it for now on making your buyers come back for more projects, I will post on how to get orders daily for all niche very soon, keep on reading my post here in the forum.

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