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WTF Happend To My Gigs


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OK, so am just an average seller having just a few sales a month, a hundred dollars a month… The fact is that it wasn’t great, but is was good enough for me. All of a sudden, as I entered a level 1 seller my sales just dropped… does this happen? … I thought it was just a glitch, and I’ll be ok… oh was I wrong!!.. After just managing 1 sale after the level 1 seller stuff. I get a totally off topic order and immediately send a cancel request (my first cancel) to the buyer (I was very polite and explained why I will not be able to do this) and he/she accepted my request and cancelled. I come back the next day to check my gig status, and every thing !!EVERY THING!! dropped to zero!!!.. 0… zero impressions from what was 1.2k on average, zero views from what was reaching 40-50, and the clicks… This is a month after and I’m my ‘my gigs’ page, its just like am starting all over again… does this happen to anyone?

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