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Word Count on Writing Gigs


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I was checking out a few writing gigs today from bio to articles to ebook and everything in-between. I was kinda surprised at how many sellers do not have a word count on the gig page.

They were level 0 and level 1 sellers mostly - perhaps all.

I prefer not to message sellers unless I have to because then they can message me at any time. Being a buyer, I do not have a contact me option on my page and once I contact the seller, some are relentless. Simply put, it gives many spammers an opportunity to send me unsolicited custom offers out of the blue or the dreaded, “Hi, how are you?”

My tip to all you sellers with writing gigs, regardless of what it is, including proofreading/editing - please include word count in either the Gig Title, About this Gig or Order Detail.

I know this is mandatory for gig packages (at least I think it is) but not for the simple gig shop.

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