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Level 2 in Two Months? It Can Be Done! I Just Did It


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I joined Fiverr on January 18, 2017 hoping to make a little extra money on the side while getting some experience as a copywriter.

You can read about my first 6 weeks here as I reached 50 orders completed in 42 days.

Well just a short while later, I got the notification today. Level 2!

I have been so fortunate to have so many AWESOME Buyers and I’ve managed to pleasantly surprise myself.

I started out, as I said, to gain a little experience and make a little money doing it, but to hit Level 2 this quickly LITERALLY blew my mind.

I write all this to let other new Sellers know that it absolutely can be done. I am doing this while still working a full-time job.

My ultimate goal is to parlay this into my full-time job sometime in the future. Maybe not 100% reliant on Fiverr for full-time income, but as a significant source of revenue for my copywriting business.

I’ll end by calling out to all the newbies…work hard, provide quality customer service, give every job 100% of your effort, and you absolutely can succeed here on Fiverr.

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do you want share your secrets? because i´ts incredible 😀

I just spent a lot of time playing around with my gig descriptions, and doing $5 gigs to build up a customer base.

I once spent 4 hours researching and writing a product review article and made $10 (actually $8 after Fiverr fee). It was on a subject that I knew nothing about, but I wanted to test myself. I dove in, did the research, wrote up the article and submitted it.

$2.50 per hour is obviously unsustainable, but I knew that if I hustled hard for two months, I could eventually start valuing my offerings at a higher rate.

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