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New, just started out! Need advice

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I signed up to Fiverr a few days ago and I already made my first sale!

It felt pretty good to have a sale so early on.

But it’s been pretty stagnant since then. Any ideas how I could improve so I can get more requests?

I’m a graphic designer. I’m starting out by creating social media designs. Right now, I have a gig for YouTube banners.

I see impressions and clicks on it go up but no other offers have come through other than that first one.

Any advice on how to grow?


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Guest arslanlb


Make more gigs in start
Make gig’s description longer with good and unique keywords in it
Use tags wisely
Send Buyer requests
Place gigs in different categories of same niches to get more buyer requests
Place nice image of gig, video is recommended
Unlimited Revisions with delivery time at least 1 day in start

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