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Reversing My Decision on New Sellers


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Few things have happened lately that had me thinking about my earlier decision.

  1. An inspiring post by fastcopywriter

  2. Two other buyers challenging me, without challenging me - this will probably only make sense to regular readers

  3. The difficulties faced by sellers - a particular post about discriminatory behavior (perceived or real) had me taking a long stoll down memory lane

There is a saying, the lord works in mysterious ways. I guess someone was giving me a push that I needed.

I was going through last years spreadsheet for taxes and it reminded me of at least two seller with zero reviews that I bought from. Both of them are level 2 with over a 100 reviews.

I’m glad that I was part of their dream and success.

Had 1, 2, and 3 not happened at the same time - well, lets just say the stars and planets all lined up.

I used to purchase fun gigs just to give newbies a chance, I bought 2 gig from the Improve My Gig section two months ago.

I guess having been on 5r for so long, I forgot how exciting that 1st gig is, the nervousness about delivery, giving 200%, then waiting anxiously after delivery, hoping - waiting, probably staring at the monitor for the review.

Finally, those shiney 5 golden stars appear, then the write up. I can almost envision that new seller reading and rereading the review left for them; big smile on their face.

Maybe, even an unexpected surprise of a tip.

Yeah, I need to remember that the greatest happiness comes with helping others. I’ve been so depressed and downright unhappy lately.

Maybe, its time I did something about it. I can’t change the world but perhaps I can help a few more nervous, newbie with that 1st gig.

Just sharing some 💖

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Hi my name is Alyssa and just like you said I am a newbie and I am having trouble with just getting started on being a seller. If you could could, could you check out my gigs, just check them out. Im not saying you need to buy or anything like that but if I could only get the word around that would be awesome… Please and thank you.

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This is harder than I thought… I am trying to go for people who are new, but also seem to have an original description, and offer something beneficial for me too. Haha

Yup, it is hard. You have an advantage, you are a seller & a buyer, also been around for a year - so you’ll be much savvier than I was.


I’m glad you’ve decided to work with a newbie!!

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Are we not all newbies?


Anyway, nice decision. Getting a good newbie could be difficult. But you could just as easily find a gemstone in there. Funny how some in their desire to give “experienced heads,” miss out on some of the best people for any job. Oh well, congratulations in advance to the beneficiaries of this initiative.

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