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Gig Extras go missing


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Packages and gig extras are working fine. Try to enable them by making a new gig.

Contact CS they will refresh your account.

Did you try adding multiple Extras (where you enter the title and description yourself) to an existing Gig and check to see if that works? The only way to check is if you log out and add the edited Gig to the cart, since the Gig Extras don’t display on the Gigs with Packages.

I was finally able to get it to work for one Extra. As an added note, the edits don’t work either. If I “add an Extra” and cut and paste the info from the old Extra fields to the new one, it says they are duplicates.

I tried doing it with another Gig and got the same result. I have not added a new one since I noticed this problem (no more ideas).

When I relatively recently added a new Gig I did not notice a problem, so it may be related to editing.

I have contacted CS, but this is not an issue that is limited to my account. Records don’t just corrupt themselves. The need for a “refresh” in the first place is evidence that there is systemic problem that needs addressing.

Actually, I have never been able to add or edit a Gig without issues on this site. My account has been “refreshed” before (I assume, I was only told to avoid making any changes for a day or so), at which point it gets better but never works smoothly and without errors. I notice the character counts are still incorrect too, though they are better than before.

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