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Video Maker Fx is good in that it is cheap and if you can use the supplied pre-done short slides/anims it’s fast. The downside of it is the slides/anims are pre-done so if you need something more specific (and if you can’t just change a background etc.) you need something else. Also it’s 720p only, and I noticed banding on some backgrounds, and you’ve no option of bitrate it uses for output (you can select a quality - but the top quality can give banding sometimes on some backgrounds) or frame rate. But it would be good if you need characters (eg. business people) and text in the anim with voice over. It can be a reasonable one time fee too.

After Affects is good (but a lot more expensive, and the current ones are repeatable fees - eg. monthly/yearly). But for anims where you want to move things around (which you can’t do with the pre-done video maker fx) and video maker fx doesn’t have the slides/isn’t specific enough to what the buyer wants, AE can be good (but can take some time).

Explaindio - I haven’t used it but I heard it’s good - and one I’d check out, but it’s a recurring charge ($69 a year).

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