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How new sellers can sell their gigs


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Hello New Seller,

How are you? Let’s get to the blood bath right now…I mean my opinion:

So you are not selling your gig at all?

I, as a buyer, would ask you to tell me how you are different than the other 100+ sellers that have the same gigs as you.

There is more to creating gigs and posting them on the forum. You won’t get much buyers on here.
Get a website. Most .com’s are under $25
Get Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so forth.

Advertise your gigs on Twitter and on Instagram

Put your Fiverr URL on the profiles of all your social media accounts. https://www.fiverr.com/

Get a Facebook page for your services.

Maybe get a Youtube Channel and once a week talk about the niche you are in.

If you are into graphics design gigs, then talk about graphics, film drawing something. Talk about your inspirations.

Same if you are into let’s say any music gig.

If you don’t want to do the Youtube, go do the podcast route and upload to soundcloud.

Start at $5 gigs, then as you get experience, start adding gig extras, or even raising the basic price.

You are not special just because you put gigs on Fiverr, set yourself apart from the 100+ other sellers doing the same stuff as you.

If you are from one of those countries that people don’t trust…prove them wrong.

Don’t come on here and make posts about how you are not getting buyers for your gigs.

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I totally agree with what you wrote up there, but just to give you a heads-up, a year or so ago I posted something similar (basically telling sellers how they can be successful) and then I got a loooooot of spam messages like “I read your post help I need sales”

It might happen to you too, just to let you know!! 😰

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