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V2 Gig Error _ Please Help me


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Hello Everyone ,

my Gig Is Not Displaying In V2 of Fiverr ,

please help …

Please check the attached, on v1 my gig is on 3 page of fiverr Online Marketing->GET TRAFFIC->RATING

But On V2 I Am Not Showing on Rating 😦

Its V2 Problem …

I contact Support,they don’t understand what i say .

Can Anyone help here ?

Thank you a lot

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I got same problem, i send tickets many many times, but i got same response 😦 They said that they didn’t see any technical issue with my gig, but it disappeared. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s popular gig with over 5800 positive feedback and 100% rating. Same problem with this guy: http://fiverr.com/dino_stark Over 19,000 positive and 100% rating.

Hope Fiverr will look at the topic and resolve this issue soon 😦

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i checked several very high rating gigs ,they cant be searched in New fiverr by using any word in title,tags,description.i submitted tickets but got same official reply,they even dont want look into the problem,they just said the status are fine there.yes the status are also fine in my gig manage!they just need to search some keywords we used manually,they can find our gigs arent in any result,whatever rating or related results.i submitted tickets with tickets with screen shoot and even videos ,but they just ignored me.they told me its very power new search engineer over and over.you know im the V2 beta tester ,I reported 2 serious bugs hours before they landed V2.i never found my gig in search result in V2,i thought coz its beta until they landed V2.

i found we have more than 1 gig,and our low rating gigs can be searched in V2 but very high rating gigs disappeared in search results.i tried to short title,tags,changed description,added video ,but it doesnt work.

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