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Golden tip for seller


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Hey respectable friends and mates i am going to share my experience from you!

Whereas all sellers know that neg feedback matters a lot with our profile. You know why any of buyer post neg feedback ? just due to lack of communication and lack of understanding the requirements of buyer. Data gathering and data analysis is main part of work. When buyer pay $ for his work then he/she want their desire work. So in case Fiverr gave us best way in the form of FAQ Section. FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question ) will help a lot to buyer that they understand about your mind and work basically in $5 what you will send them and which details seller want before order etc. So please Always when you create gigs please use FAQ section in professional way and mention in your gig description that Note : Please Read FAQ section. If you use FAQ in professional way it will help you a lot to avoid neg feedback.
Kind regards

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