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Tips and tricks for sellers!


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At all times start your messages or replies to order updates with “Hey!” or “Hi!” and every time sign off messages with “Thanks, Name”. These are just fundamentals, but it makes you look elegant. (like a human being.) Most of the sellers on Fiverr are impolite or unprofessional, so stand out! It’s only few extra words you’ll have to type. Just do it!!!

Remember to be polite but firm. Don’t accept every user demands, respectfully refuse demands for jobs you don’t offer.

Another common thing you could encounter in Fiverr are customers who expect the world for $5. To avoid such instances, you should clearly inform the extent of work you provide for $5. You might even have to reach out to users who bring you such silly requests.

Be tactful though. Don’t be arrogant. If a customer is not satisfied with your work always try to talk to them and/or offer a refund.

Stop selling yourself for less and charge more per gig. For an example, without writing an entire article of 500 words for $5, charge $5 for every 100 words or even 50 words. Confirm your buyers that they will receive quality work in return. Let them know that you charge more to encourage yourself in order to deliver better quality work by giving their gig more attention and time that it requires. The rivalry doesn’t care how much you charge. Hence there will always be someone who is willing to do the same job for a lesser amount. That’s just how business works. Don’t discourage yourself but position yourself as the quality/premium seller. You will still get sales as there are plenty of work in the turf. You’ll actually be doing work worthwhile and satisfying for yourself. This will help you to increase your hourly rate.

Be critical:

Don’t accept each and every order you get. Sometimes it’s okay to cancel. If you do video testimonials, list the kinds of work/businesses you will not create videos for and be strong. Sure, you will lose a few orders, but if you think you’re selling your soul, it’ll keep you on Fiverr longer.

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