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My 3 Important Keys of Becoming a successful seller on Fiverr


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Hi Guys
So it’s been 1 month cleared now and I have made $112 of sales. I know it’s not much, but as a starter I think it’s a pretty good start for me 😊 Here are the main 3 important keys I think I had in my pocket, which helped me getting a boost start.

## Skill.
Yes the main and important key is your SKILL in your field. In short (You must know yourself, that you can, if you want others to believe that you can)
When people see your work done on your gigs in my case in your gig images you made more points than others to get an order & when you got it. Your skill, in your field or task, is the one through which you’re going to make your mark.

## Communication Skills
Only skill is not going to work here on Fiverr, keep in mind that putting stuff in your shop doesn’t mean that you will start getting customers. And this my friend is done through good communication skills and your Attitude.

## Business Skills
You must understand that Fiverr is a competitive platform your not the only one providing services, 1000 more are doing the same. So what makes you different from others. Think how business men do it when they are in the market with their competitors. Sound’s promising isn’t it? Now go grab any business book and learn how to succeed in competition.

With these three things in your grasp, you are ready to rock and roll on Fiverr, well, I did it 😉 I Hope this helps you all.


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