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About to reach 3,400 reviews - Some tips!


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As of typing this, I am one away from 3,400 reviews here on Fiverr 😂

It’s amazing being completely self-employed and independent. I have so many fabulous buyers and get new ones all the time that make me so grateful to be on this platform. Sure, we all run into a few bad ones every once in a while, but it’s completely made up for by the kind reviews I recieve and the joyful editing/writing I’m committed to doing every day.

To new sellers, here are some tips. Most of these you’ll read all over the forum because they work! You have to put time and effort in if you want to get anything out.

  • Get a good gig image and don’t take it from another seller, have one made for your gig.
  • Write a short, descriptive title using the “I will…” format.
  • Make sure your gig description is clear for native speakers. If you’re not a native speaker, consider having someone write it for you to make sure it appeals to buyers. They should know exactly what they’re going to get.
  • Don’t beg for 5-star reviews. At delivery, ask them to leave a review if they have the time, but do not specifically ask for a 5-star review.
  • Along those same lines, do NOT bribe buyers into changing feedback. Do it right the first time! If you want the bad feedback removed, refund them and do a better job next time.
  • Do not contact a potential buyer again, and again, and again. You’re not going to make sales by begging for business. If they say “no thanks” or “I’ll get back to you” and you continue to message them, I’m sorry, but you’re being flat out annoying and unprofessional 😘
  • Lastly, don’t message other sellers asking for their work. I probably get 2-3 messages a day from new sellers asking for me to outsource my work to them for $3 or something. I do not outsource, and neither do other sellers. It’s wrong (buyers should get what they pay for from who they pay to do it) and I believe it’s against the TOS. You’re likely to get reported for soliciting/violating the terms. Find your own work 😉

To all my buyers: thank you sincerely for your business! 😁


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