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So ....how is everyone?


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I am new here but it seems pretty cool so far. My name is Russ and I do all kinds of stuff but only voice overs here at the moment. I’ve seen a few glitches and ??!? but all in all it’s a cool site and I see lots of potential! 🙂 So whats everyone elses take on it? and How r U doing?

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

Hi Russ and Hala my name is Josh. I am a graphic designer and writer here on Fiverr. I love the site and hate the new updates. It’s got a lot of glitches. I write a Fiverr blog called Fiverrtastic…goggle it. I give advice to Fiverr sellers and promote peoples gigs. I have a gig to promote peoples gigs and I buy gigs I like to do with my graphic design business, blog, or personal use. Again if you want some good advice or want to see other sellers who have been promoted Google Fiverrtastic.


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Hiya Russ,

All in all it is a good site and there is lots of potential. There’s a great group of folks her on the forum too who are very helpful. 🙂

I don’t know if you have live portfolio turned off for some gigs or if the buyers chose not to display but I would recommend turning live portfolio on for all your gigs. As you grow and gigs come in you may want to look to the background you film on. Like for instance you’re southern redneck gig. Why not film that with a confederate flag in the background?

Best of luck here on Fiverr. If there’s anything I can help with just ask,


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Hey @trailerparkruss! Welcome! You can do just about anything here on fiverr! Creative work, professional work, serious work, silly work…anything at all! There is a HUGE amount of creative individuals offering all sorts of services here. We offer services from song writing to voiceovers to transcription and more.

voiceovers, in particular, are massive here! If you have the equipment, the knowledge and the professionalism to do them right, you can score pretty big with them here! Outside of fiverr, voiceovers are a great gig anyhow. They are relatively easy, if you know how to do them, and they do not take a lot of time, which makes your hourly rate skyrocket!

While the volume of orders isn’t staggering, I can tell you that I have a few $40 orders in my queue right now (that I should probably be working on!). They will probably take me about 30 minutes to complete them and that equates to $240 an hour! Cha-Ching! (I just wish it was enough to cover an 8 hour shift!)

With voiceovers, you will eventually land consistent clients that have continuous video projects that they need voiced. I have three regulars that I can think right now. They order between two and three gigs a week each! Their average order is probably about $20, with some $10 and some $40 in between. I have made $250 so far this month!

We have been here since about late March of this year and have already made over $1,000.00. Each month the orders grow and so do the profits!

We are on pace to average a minimum of $400 a month by August. While this is certainly not enough to live on, it certainly is a nice part-time opportunity! All the while, we are creating an international portfolio of work samples that we can utilize to further emphasize our credibility and integrity in our industry.

Our jingle/songwriting gig has gotten us work on a number of radio shows, promotional videos, a tv commercial and a theme song for a pilot episode being pitched to studios for production!

It certainly is an exciting proposition and your fellow sellers (and buyers) are made up of some really fantastic individuals.

The best outlook to have is that we are all here for a positive environment and each one of us is better off now than we were before. Be an active participant on the forums and learn from others, as well as teach what you have learned.

Best of luck to you and many fiverrs!



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Thanks for making me feel welcome y’all 🙂 I love doing voice overs and have some decent equipment. I also like to do video but up til today my comp I use for video was fubar. So now that its working ill be doing video bits and photos and who knows what. It seems like its gonna be fun. It has been so far …I see people selling the funniest stuff on here :). Rock on y’all.

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