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Questions about warnings


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Hey guys!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me out.
I recently received a warning on my account for communicating outside of fiverr.
A lot of my gigs require login information for facebook - which is an email address.
also a lot of times i have to use the words "email addres"
i just had someone contact me and ask for my email address to set me up with google drive and im beyond paranoid to respond to it. I absolutely do not want to have my account banned - who does?
How do i work with this?

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Using words like money, transfer, email address and few other words will lead to a banned account. The most professional way of doing this, you should deliver a README.docx file with your order in which you can write things like method of how to share files on drive etc.
One more thing, don’t use words related to money etc.

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am i skating on thin ice now that i have received a warning?

should i contact fiverr and explain myself?

am i allowed to offer gigs that require this information as per the terms of service?

It’s highly recommended that you should contact fiverr support team and share your case with them. They are usually very polite and will guide you.

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I usually type stuff like p-ay or mOney when I need to use those words for whatever reason in my
messages, even though I am not violating TOS.
(for example if a buyer asks me if they can get a discount, I reply with “I can’t do that since it would be unfair towards the other buyers who agreed to p-ay in full”

I remember reading somewhere that even “papaya” will get you a warning because
p and a and y are next to each other…

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