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Where to create new gigs? According to Old better fiverr or New Buggy Fiverr V2?


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Hey friends,

Wanted to get my some concerns addressed. Hope you all help me out. It’s very important for creating new gigs for all of us. how you all r creating gigs? Are you creating them according to Old better fiverr or New Buggy Fiverr V2?

I am asking this because old fiverr had around 15 tags and new one has only 5 tags system so in a way new fiverr limits our gigs in search but as we know that very soon New Buggy fiverr takes position fully and all our gigs will be formatted according to it. Help me 🙂

I am sure we all get some useful knowledge out of this thread.




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Please think about WHY Fiverr changed from letting gigs have 15 tags to now just allowing 5. Don’t you think there might be SOME reason for that? Maybe even a GOOD reason?

I’m suggesting that, whether you did it or not, and whether you LIKE it or not, Fiverr probably came to believe that too many sellers were doing something that is known (elsewhere) as “Key Word Spamming”. That is including “Key Words” designed to get more “Hits”, even if those words were not closesly related to accurately describing the gig.

Could Fiverr have handled this in another way? Maybe by still allowing 10 or 8 instead of slashing down to 5? Maybe, but if this new limit proves unworkable, they can change again. (But Fiverr gets to make that call based on whatever works best for them - not just because some don’t like it.)

So for now, deal with reality on reality’s terms. Chose the BEST 5 keywords for each gig, and document why you think it would benefit the entire Fiverr world of sellers, buyers, and company operations if you want to convince them to change again.

But if you still do make/compose/create new gigs in V1 and use 15 key words, still consider whether or not that REALLY helps on V2. If V2 only shows 5 key words, are they the BEST 5 words for that gig? Will new V2 searches utilize more that those 5 key words? Unless you know that, you MIGHT be wasting time trying to hold on to V1.

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I back Artemist’s comment, Why trying to fight improvement Akash? Change has always been a problem for humans. Yes, the new version (V2) has bugs and things that need to be adjusted (Microsoft still have bugs) and you can rest assured that the Fiverr team is doing all in their power to clear that in both the seller’s, the buyer’s and their own interest. You can continue to use V1, but it will come a time where you won’t have a choice, and you might not be ahead of the game then (Artemist explains why very well). <)🙂

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Thank you all my friends @artemist @magellon @ladybugbusy for helping me out on this situation. Artemist gave a very reasonable and true explanation and same you guys too. I got little worries, just after hearing nightmares form TRS guys about sells going down 😦

I am working really hard to build up my account on fiverr and has been really successful. Made over 4200$$ in 4 months. 🙂 which is okk okk for now!

Thank U all my friends!


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