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Girl got power :d


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I’m a level 2 sellers, yesterday I opened Forum and wrote a post, today I opened forum again, and start reading other people posts, I’m really liking to read sellers and buyer views, about their experiences. Now thinking, Where the hell I was from past 1 year lol.

Now just sharing my experience on Fiverr: 😇

I started working on voice overs a year back, then left Fiverr, being involved in other things, but these summer vacations, I got few orders and I became HIT ON FIVERR! It just changed my life and routine.

At the age where I’m about to graduate as a Computer scientist, I’m earning $$$ nearly $$$$ monthly, as an extra pocket money.

It’s sometimes cool to be yourself, to see how you independent, self reliable. I love to deal with people around the Globe.

In the end, I’ll say,


P.S. I’ve opened my own company and fiverr is helping me create a great portfolio.

Girl got power 😌

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