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  2. I think you still at level 2. This month no promotion for you. Better luck next time.
  3. I am an old seller in Fiverr, after doing 6 jobs. I was not active in Fiverr for some time. Now I have 2 gigs on the first page, but I can't find any order. I have no buyer request. Now all I can do is get back to the way it was before. Thank you
  4. Fiverr forum is an essential pre market place where you get to have a fire knowledge of the real market place
  5. I don't have much more idea about Fiverr Forum, I want to know also about that as like as you.
  6. Welcome on our Fiverr forum community. Best wishes for you.
  7. No problem. You just don't qualify to respond to many buyer requests at the present time. Please Keep patience and create gigs in other category .
  8. It depends on how many gigs you complete, if you cancel stuff, if you are late, etc.
  9. Keep patience, may b there is no buyer request available at the time. Wait few moments and create a gig in new category.
  10. Congratulation to your great work. Keep up the great work.
  11. Welcome to our family. Hope you will be successful on this platform.
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