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  2. since last three month people rushed on fiverr, number of freelancers are remaining job less. is any suggestion for getting fiverr order.
  3. Welcome to fiverr forum. Best wishes o you.
  4. i did not get any massage from buyer. please can you give me suggestion why i did not get massage. my profile https://www.fiverr.com/wordpress_ahnaf
  5. Hey, I have recently made a request to Fiverr Help Center, but now as my issue is resolved. I want to cancel that request. Is there any way to do this? Eager to know!
  6. My gig derank and unqualified for promoted gig feature for 2 months. Luckily my profile rank again for a day. Impressions and click increasing and I also eligible for promoted gig feature but after 3 days my profile again derank and I receive notification I'm unqualified for promoted gig feature. Any one help how I face this situation. I think this is bug in promoted gig feature.
  7. For new i will sugest to remain maximum of time online and always optimize your profile with relvant searcable keywords. Am here on fiverr and i have completed 23 order till now and my gig are performing very well the reason behind is that i have always try to keep my account live and updated with time to time.
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  9. Welcome to the Fiverr forum. Just follow some way to get orders when you are new.: 1. Stay the more time you can. But from 11. pm to morning it's very important. 2. Give 1o buyer request every day. It's an organic way to introduce your gig to the buyer, so don't miss it. 3. Made your communication skill strong & your service-related skill. Because when you receive a message from a buyer then you have the ability to make it an order. And when you have good skills then you can satisfy the buyer with your service. And then you can get good feedback which helps you to be trusted with another buyer. 4. Promote your gig or work to social media. 5. Have patience & continuous try. It is the key to all success in anything that you wanted to get. There are lots of ways to get your sell. Stay with the forum. Here you can get awesome tips & tricks which is shared by the experienced seller. Best of good luck.
  10. Today completed all the requirements for the level 1 seller.Waiting for next evaluation.
  11. Hello as a seller, i feel this too! (that's why i google this kind of question). I asked for a review every time i've done deliver my work but never say a word that sounds 'force to leave 5-stars', more like 'leave some words about my service, so i can evaluate myself' kind of stuff and i really mean that! i never ever said to leave a tip tho. I won't say or asked for review at the first place only if: ratings isn't a big deal with algorithm and it doesn't have to be level requirements. But... hey! it matters in the system!! I'm new seller on level one, i'm afraid for next evaluation if i still got 0 review, i got level demotion. This past 2 months all of my clients satisfied with my designs and told me directly through message, but leaving me with 0 reviews 😞 😞
  12. hello bro Do not increase or diversify the services, develop your profile, choose one area, do not increase in order to have complete credibility, go to Buyer Requests every day and offer your service to the buyer To get your first service .
  13. I want to upload another gig in the same category and sub-category. Please advice me, If you know that. Thank you
  14. Thank you I will, what confuses me is I have just made a sale, which means people can see it, but I still can't find any of my gigs when narrowing it down or searching. Just wondered if anyone else had this issue or knew if this is normal.
  15. How do yo know so much about other sellers in your category?
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